The Evolution of MCKnits  

In 2005,  Sartoria Monica opened its doors to Georgia's Madison community.  A sartorial boutique in the European tradition, where bolts of material would be on display and a discriminating clientele would demand the best custom dressmaking possible in that antebellum setting of years past.  


Founder, Monica M. Culqui loves fiber and loses sleep over creating new designs.  This undeniable desire prompted her to decorate the shop with handmade sweaters.  Much to her surprise the knitted handwork became popular with tourists and natives alike.  Then, knitting at the shop took on a life of its own.  We thought "Wish It, Dream It, Do It.," and we did it.  It was the motto of the house and what we tried to inculcate in everyone who came through our doors.  By 2010, Sartoria Monica had evolved into the most eclectic sartorial boutique in Madison.  It provided customers with ready to wear, hand knitted and sewn items.  


With customer service as the focal point, the shop specialized not only in custom dressmaking but also knitting, and carried handcrafted yarns from all over the world!  Also, with a love for art and a spirit for helping other artisans, Monica offered a collection of paintings by established artists in the area, hand-crafted jewelry, and little knick nacks to lend one's imagination to roam in creativity. She still carries Paula Landford's handpainted pins as part of her inventory.  In 2015, Sartoria Monica closed its doors to Madison, GA. 


In 2017, Monica's passion of fibers and creativity remains vigorous with her NEW endeavor, MCKnits. She now is welcoming a global community with online shopping and to all the Art & Craft festivals she attends in the Southern California area.  MCKnits strives to bring items with the warm feel of handcrafted, made one at a time in America .  She will be WISHING & knitting her best sellers, DREAMING of NEW creations, and DOING what she loves to do most. Check the scheduled events to see where she'll be next time

"The creative energy of the maker continues to flow in our lives making it a tapestry all of  our own and for every one to enjoy".

"Dreams come to those who dare to dream them...Wish It, Dream It, Do It"!


-Monica M. Culqui